Sleep from the Heart

Get your baby sleeping in a way that welcomes

Sleep without sleep training?

Is lack of sleep affecting your relationship with your child, your partner?
Have you tried everything you can think of when it comes to making sleep changes.. But nothing seems to stick?
Does your child fall asleep independently at bedtime, but wakes frequently through the night and you can’t figure out why?
Is it a challenge to get your kiddo to sleep every night, and you wish someone could help you share the load?

Sleep from the Heart was inspired by 5 years of helping families with their children’s sleep.

All families have unique sleep challenges to overcome. Sometimes getting baby to sleep is the real difficulty; baby can only be nursed to sleep and the breastfeeding parent feels trapped. Other times multiple night wakings are taking their toll and parents are waking for the day depleted, angry and anxious.

We would love to help you help your child fall asleep more independently at bedtime, and see them return to sleep overnight with minimal support. Obviously babies don’t sleep like adults do! If they did, heck.. We’d all be sleeping! This course will educate you on your baby’s sleep needs, while also offering you hands-on techniques to settle your child more quickly.

Course Outcomes


Course Modules


Who we are, and why we care to see you be successful with an attachment-focused approach


Foundations of Healthy Sleep

Our holistic checklist to set you up for success with our program.


Forming Healthy Attachments

Why choose a gentler approach to your child’s sleep and not cry-it-out.


General Overview of Making Change

The general path of steps we will take to get your family more sleep.


Making Changes to Your Baby’s Sleep

The specific actions we recommend to improve bedtime, decrease night wakings, and elongate naps.


What to Expect as You Make Change

Let us help you ride the rollercoaster of change with success, and come out the other side with renewed hope.


Bonus: Tips & Tricks for Future Challenges

We want to set you up for long-term success. This module covers travel, illness, teething, and future sleep progressions.

Additional Resources

  • Create Your Own Sleep Plan
    Our course has a bit of a “choose your own adventure” element. Create a plan for your specific family from our resources
  • Transferring a Sleeping Baby
    Because we don’t believe “drowsy but awake” works
  • Rocking Baby to Sleep
    Sometimes motion is a helpful tool, and in this video we explain why and how we recommend using it
  • Patting Baby to Sleep on a Mattress
    Another option that can work well as families transition to more independent sleep
  • Patting Baby to Sleep in their Crib
    Tried and true techniques we’ve perfected over the last 5 years
  • Dreamfeeding
    The elusive skill many have heard of, few have mastered. Let us help you use this to clock more hours of sleep.
  • Should my partner get more involved at bedtime?
  • Handling Sibling Bedtimes
  • Should we stop nursing to sleep?


$ 225
  • 2 hours of course content broken down into 6 modules
  • 50 pages of educational information
  • 9 additional technique videos


$ 225
  • 2 hours of course content broken down into 6 modules
  • 50 pages of educational information
  • 9 additional technique videos


$ 395
  • 2 hours of course content broken down into 6 modules
  • 50 pages of educational information
  • 9 additional technique videos
  • 3 x 30 minute support calls with course creator Lara Rabb


$ 575
  • 2 hours of course content broken down into 6 modules
  • 50 pages of educational information
  • 9 additional technique videos
  • 4 x 30 minute support calls with course creator Lara Rabb
  • 4 x email exchanges with course creator Lara Rabb


This sleep course is attachment-focused. We provide hands-on strategies that you can use to help your child go to sleep, and remain asleep.

The presented content is just shy of two hours. Many families watch 1 module per day and finish in 5 days.

You will have unlimited access to course videos for the first 3 months. You will have unlimited access to the course PDFs and supporting documents for a lifetime as these are downloadable, and you are welcome to remain in our exclusive facebook group for life. At the 3 month mark you will receive an email asking you if you are all done with the course? If the answer is yes, you may give the course to a friend for them to use for 3 months. If the answer is NO, you can unlock another 3 months for yourself, or upgrade to a year of unlimited access for an additional fee. 

Most families will see an improvement in their child’s sleep in the first 3 – 4 days of implementing the techniques. Change takes time, however, and most families are actively engaged in making change for 3 – 6 weeks.

Yes. Definitely. Night wakings when your child falls asleep independently will be addressed.

When parents are 100% committed we see a very high success rate in getting babies to sleep 10 – 12 hours overnight with minimal support. Some families will need increased support and accountability. We can help you with that.

Most people tell us this! But, we have been offering sleep support for 5 years and have worked with 500+ babies. We guarantee we have something you have yet to try to help your baby sleep in a more restful way.

Our kids are always changing. We recommend starting to make sleep changes when your child is well. But, download and watch the modules so you are prepared to start when they are ready. Teething and development are discussed in the course.

Crying is a natural normal part of human development. This program is a never cry alone program, not a never cry program. We do believe it is important for parents to value their child’s cry and respond in a way they are comfortable with. We will help you form a plan to be physically and emotionally responsive to your crying child.

Yes. Many children up to age 1 will need at least 1 – 2 night feeds. Overnight feeding is discussed.

Yes. We offer 3 different support package options, 2 of which have support calls included. 

Yes. It would be helpful to parents of multiples, but there is no twin specific advice. You would be treating each child as unique while moving through the components.

We offer advice for exclusively breast/chest fed babies, exclusive bottle fed babies, and combination feeders.


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