Night Weaning for Toddlers

Is it time to stop nursing

Night feeding can come to a close after age 1,

Is your toddler still waking up for middle of the night feedings, and you’re not sure if it is for nutrition or comfort?
Have you tried night weaning in the past with little to no success?
Is your toddler “boob crazy”, and night weaning feels like an impossible goal?
Night weaning is HARD! We get that.

We have personally helped hundreds of families find the right tools to transition their toddler away from overnight feeding.

Having a plan to physically and emotionally respond to your child through this big change makes a world of difference.

The beautiful thing about night weaning toddlers is that their receptive language is so high! Let us help you communicate this change in a way your toddler can understand, and develop a plan to get your nights back. (Without the cry-it-out of course).

Course Outcomes


Course Modules

Introduction & Forming Healthy Attachments

Let’s get to know each other better, and remind ourselves why we are choosing an attachment-focused approach

Foundations of Healthy Sleep
Before making any changes, make sure you have mastered the basics
Preparations & Strategies

Prepare your toddler for the changes that are coming, and think through how exactly you will make change

Working through Big Emotions & FAQs

Our toddlers have some feelings around no longer nursing at night, let’s respond to those

Additional Resources

  • Transferring a Sleeping Baby
    Because we don’t believe “drowsy but awake” works
  • Rocking Baby to Sleep
    Sometimes motion is a helpful tool, and in this video we explain why and how we recommend using it
  • Patting Baby to Sleep on a Mattress
    Another option that can work well as families transition to more independent sleep
  • Dreamfeeding
    The elusive skill many have heard of, few have mastered. Let us help you use this to clock more hours of sleep.
  • Journal Questions
  • Resource Summary


$ 125
  • 1.5 hours of course content broken down into 4 modules
  • 10 pages of educational information
  • 4 additional technique videos


$ 315
  • 1.5 hours of course content broken down into 4 modules
  • 10 pages of educational information
  • 4 additional technique videos
  • 3 x 30 minute support calls with course creator Lara Rabb


$ 465
  • 1.5 hours of course content broken down into 4 modules
  • 10 pages of educational information
  • 4 additional technique videos
  • 4 x 30 minute support calls with course creator Lara Rabb
  • 4 x email exchanges with course creator Lara Rabb


This is an EXCELLENT place to start, and I am glad you found it. Get the lay of the land before you dive in. We are so thoughtful about so many parenting choices, might as well be thoughtful about this one too.
There is always hope! I think this is largely a myth, and have not found it to be true. With increased age comes increased cognition, and we can communicate more about what is happening to our toddlers. I think this is one of the reasons it is great to night wean kiddos over age 1.
Because toddlers are fun! Am I right?! Ha. They are becoming their own little people, and challenging their people, I mean.. Parents! They are asserting more self-direction, increased confidence, and love to use the word NO. For this reason, we wanted to create a resource specifically for them.
Sleep from the Heart was designed to be an all encompassing comprehensive sleep course for parents of infants ages 6 – 18 months. It covers bedtime, naps, and overnight feeding strategies in depth dependent on developmental stage. This course focuses specifically on night weaning toddlers. While naps are mentioned, night sleep is the main focus. Resources that accompany the video modules are more text focused whereby Sleep from the Heart contains a video resource library.
Absolutely. The strategies mentioned can be adapted if used in a crib, toddler bed, or family bed.
Remember – crying is a natural normal part of human development. Many people fear the tears, but you don’t have to! Supporting our children through change and big emotions can be helpful and cleansing. We want to see you support your kiddo through the changes you are making.
Many approaches are mentioned, and you are encouraged to pick the one that feels most in alignment for you and your toddler.
I have heard this MANY times. This is not the only way to night wean a child! We can help you, and even if you are night weaning your toddler solo, we will give you the tools to do this with success.

You will have unlimited access to course videos for the first 3 months. You will have unlimited access to the course PDFs and supporting documents for a lifetime as these are downloadable, and you are welcome to remain in our exclusive facebook group for life. At the 3 month mark you will receive an email asking you if you are all done with the course? If the answer is yes, you may give the course to a friend for them to use for 3 months. If the answer is NO, you can unlock another 3 months for yourself, or upgrade to a year of unlimited access for an additional fee. 


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