How Should Our New Baby Be Sleeping?

Expert answers to the most commonly asked newborn sleep questions. 

How should our new baby be sleeping?

Is it realistic to think that our new baby should be sleeping through the night already?

Spending hours a day scrolling the internet trying to figure out HOW other people are getting their babies to sleep independently, only to have an exhausted overtired newborn pass out on your chest? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of baby sleep advice available, and just want someone to tell you your baby NOT sleeping is normal?

Is This You?

You want to set your baby up for sleep success.. But you also respect that young babies DON’T sleep through the night. All babies have physical and emotional needs that only their adult caregivers can fulfill for them overnight. 

You’re about to discover why babies sleep the way they do, what is normal when it comes to infant sleep, and how to reframe your current reality so that you can listen to your own voice the loudest. 

Hi! My name is Lara Rabb and I’d like to invite you to listen to my very special FREE webinar: 

How Should Our New Baby Be Sleeping?

Expert answers to the most commonly asked newborn sleep questions. 

If every night has you confused and overwhelmed. If you are trying to put your baby down “drowsy but awake” and they just aren’t having it… then this webinar is for you

Here's what I'll be teaching you in this FREE webinar:

  • How babies sleep (hint - it's different than how adults sleep!)

  • How to get on the same page as your partner to solve sleep challenges

  • Education on tired signs and awake windows to help get more rest

  • See a sleep training overview to learn more about what you may want to do in the future

  • Gain ideas for routines and future changes down the road

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Hey there!
I’m Lara Rabb.

For the past 6 years I have helped tired families make attachment-focused sleep decisions that ultimately lead to more rest. I see that new parents are overwhelmed and confused. When your  baby is sleeping very differently from how other people’s babies are sleeping – it can really send your anxiety through a loop! 

What you need to know is it is biologically normal for your baby to wake overnight. It is natural for them to have multiple night feeds. Only 16% of 6 month old babies sleep through the night and many babies need night feeds until their first birthday. 

I want you to gain more knowledge and put your mind at ease. Rest assured knowing what you are experiencing at home is probably totally normal. 

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