We definitely understand this is true and have given you many different suggested strategies and routes to take to remedy your child’s sleep challenges. This is no “one size fits all” approach, it is more of a “choose your own adventure” style.
Over the past 5 years we have been blessed to work with 75% breastfeeding families, so we know these types of families REALLY well! But, bottle-feeding families can definitely work through the resources. Sleep from the Heart has specific bottle feeding resources, where Night Weaning for Toddlers was definitely built with breastfeeding top of mind.

In carrying along with the no “one size fits all” approach, we recognize that some families will need more support. Please contact lara@heavyeyeshappyhearts.com to discuss additional or custom support for your family.

Every child is different! With consistency, careful planning, and open communication, most families see an improvement by day 4! Baby sleep is not linear however, and the process will have its ups and downs. Ultimately progress is in the hands of the family as you work through the modules, and put in the work. If you are highly committed, you will likely reach your sleep goals within 3 – 6 weeks. This is not a quick fix program.
Crying is an infant’s first and best form of communication. In working with babies, there will be some crying! But crying in the supportive arms of a loving caregiver will look very different from leaving your baby alone to cry. You will never be asked to leave your baby alone to cry in any of our programs.

We do try to keep the parental crying at bay by offering families a supportive framework over what our babies are trying to tell us, and how to best respond. Each individual child will respond differently to sleep coaching. And every family will choose a different methodology that supports their personal goals and beliefs.
No two babies are the same. I say, babies are not robots, and neither are we. There has to be some flexibility in scheduling, especially for those infants with older siblings who require school drop-offs, and pick-ups. Awake times and sample schedules are included because it can be helpful for family planning for parents with more time-sensitive little ones.
Yes, they are. We lead with attachment in mind. Forming healthy attachments is not the same thing as attachment-parenting. But, we think you will feel supported here if you do identify as an attachment parent.
Yes, of course. Many families wish to move from a family bed to an independent sleep scenario. We offer creative and supportive ways for families to make this transition less stressful.
Sleep from the Heart is catered to infants ages 6 – 18 months. Night Weaning for Toddlers is catered to toddlers ages 1 – 3 years. We are happy to work with families outside of these age ranges when scheduling allows. Please inquire with lara@heavyeyeshappyhearts.com if you want help with your newborn, or toddler ages 3 – 5.
No. We take a holistic approach which means really examining all aspects of the family dynamic, to ensure the best methods are used to remedy your struggles. We actually don’t practice traditional methods of sleep training at all and ferber, cry-it-out, extinction, and controlled crying are NOT used in our sleep courses. Our goal is to gently “nudge” your child to a better night’s sleep. We believe babies are not to be trained, and that more sleep can come from a place of love, trust, instinct and intuition.
Sleep regressions are major developmental PROgressions in your child’s life. The first 18 months are full of all kinds of changes, and as a result, sleep regressions will occur. These courses will educate you on what exactly is happening and why. Sometimes knowing more about your baby’s needs at this time goes a really long way in helping a family see when the most ideal time to make sleep changes is.
Yes. We will walk you through realistic goals and expectations, and how to best support your child through this process as long as you are okay with co-sleeping safely.

Infants will learn to sleep best in the environment they know and love. For this reason, we do ask families to commit to being home for at least 3 weeks while you make sleep changes. You have access to course materials for 3 months so you should have plenty of time to watch the modules and apply the changes, even if you are travelling within that time. Sleep from the Heart contains specific advice for travelling in the Bonus module.

At this time, no. We are not providing support on a daily/weekly basis as part of a customized sleep package.