Sleep from the Heart Classic

  • Duration 4h 30m


Sleep from the Heart was inspired by 5 years of helping families with their children’s sleep.

All families have unique sleep challenges to overcome. Sometimes getting baby to sleep is the real difficulty; baby can only be nursed to sleep and the breastfeeding parent feels trapped. Other times multiple night wakings are taking their toll and parents are waking for the day depleted, angry and anxious.

We would love to help you help your child fall asleep more independently at bedtime, and see them return to sleep overnight with minimal support. Obviously babies don’t sleep like adults do! If they did, heck.. We’d all be sleeping! This course will educate you on your baby’s sleep needs, while also offering you hands-on techniques to settle your child more quickly.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand attachment
  • Understand infant sleep
  • Perfect sleep foundations
  • Improve nap timing
  • Decrease night wakings
  • Improve overnight feeding
  • Transition to crib sleep
  • Gain confidence

Topics for this course

18 Lessons4h 30m

Course Content

Module 1: Foundations of Healthy Sleep00:17:45
Module 2: Forming Healthy Attachments00:15:18
Module 3: General Overview of Making Change00:19:00
Module 4: Making Changes to Your Baby’s Sleep00:35:00
Module 5: What to Expect as you Make Change00:29:07
Bonus: Tips and Tricks for Future Challenges00:15:16

Additional Resources

Private Support Consulting

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