Night Weaning for Toddlers Basic

  • Duration 1h 30m


Night weaning is HARD! We get that.
We have personally helped hundreds of families find the right tools to transition their toddler away from overnight feeding. Having a plan to physically and emotionally respond to your child through this big change make a world of difference.

The beautiful thing about night weaning toddlers is that their receptive language is so high! Let us help you communicate this change in a way your toddler can understand, and develop a plan to get your nights back. (Without the cry-it-out of course).

What Will I Learn?

  • Prepare toddler for change
  • Respond at nighttime without milk
  • Night wean with confidence
  • Understand overnight feeding
  • Gain clarity on your own readiness
  • Get your partner involved at bedtime
  • Decrease night wakings
  • Make sleep more enjoyable

Topics for this course

12 Lessons1h 30m

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction and Forming Healthy Attachments00:25:22
Module 2: Foundations of Healthy Sleep00:22:19
Module 3: Preparations and Strategies00:35:18
Module 4: Working through Big Emotions and FAQs00:13:42

Additional Resources

Private Support Consulting

$125 CAD

Material Includes

  • 1.5 hours of course content broken down into 4 modules
  • 10 pages of educational information
  • Membership in an Exclusive Facebook Group - A place to ask questions and receive support with like-minded families.


  • Hello friends! I am looking forward to getting started here. The course is broken down into modules. Each module has a video, and all modules have associated notes.