Why did you go to a course model? Are you still available for 1:1 support?

Recently I made the decision to turn my business on its head, retire my old business model, and enter the world of online courses in a serious way. 

Why make such an abrupt decision, some might ask? You have a model. It works. Thousands of happy clients, rave reviews. Why would you mess with a good thing? 

Good questions. All things I have asked myself a lot over the last year. 

When I started Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts in 2014 I never imagined it would become the business it is today. I remember literally sitting beside the phone waiting for it to ring. It wouldn’t. No one knew my name, no one knew what I was about, and over the years this changed. The company was never an overnight success, but a slow burn that kindled over time until it was a raging fire in the winter of 2019. 

In November of that year I made the decision to take my phone number OFF my website because I actually couldn’t stop the phone from ringing. My ears were ringing, and the relationship with my family and myself was suffering. I went back to school to pursue my master’s in counselling psychology, and decided to shorten my work day so that I could pick my eldest up from school each day. My already limited hours became more limited, and I was feeling the pinch. 

This business was built with the heart of a mother. My own kids needs have always come first, but the needs of my clients have come a close second. I worked tirelessly, and around the clock in the early years to get families sleeping, and I did a dang good job of that!  

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. And Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts is a mouthful. People told their friends and family about the down-to-earth, non-judgmental, attachment-informed sleep support they received. And people came for it. I am so grateful to have had your support. 

But every month I would turn away most of the traffic that lands on my site, and this made me sad. 

I would honestly lay awake at night thinking about the service I offer, how much it helps families, and how little time I have. The ripple effect my support has had on families has been tremendous. And I want to see more people go from surviving to thriving when it comes to infant sleep. 

I became passionate about child sleep because I saw the transition a family could make when they were sleeping. Seeing families go from exhausted and hopeless to rested and hopeful was really exciting. 

It saddened me to think that families were landing here looking for attachment-friendly sleep support, and they couldn’t access it when they needed to. If they were lucky to get into the discovery call cue, they were waiting weeks and months to speak to me. By the time I got down the line, some had moved on. Many families to traditional forms of sleep training such as cry-it-out or extinction because they hadn’t found an alternative approach that would work for their family. 

Then there were the families who made it down the pipe, and became my 1:1 clients. Many of them waiting for weeks to work 1:1 with me. I gave them all I had, and I know they would attest to this. But, still I thought about the families whose problems I could likely solve, but didn’t have the time for. In the meantime my school became more intense, my children invited to more and more social gatherings, and I realized this 1:1 model was no longer the right fit. 

Sleep from the Heart is an attachment-focused sleep course that does not outline the steps for controlled crying, cry-it-out, or extinction.

We believe that you should be able to get your baby to sleep from a place of closeness, connection and comfort. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any tears. Tears are an infant’s first and best form of communication, and they can tell us a lot about a child’s temperament, what is soothing for them, and how they exist in this world. But, there is value in those tears, and Sleep from the Heart will give you the physical and emotional tools to respond to your child in a way that feels comfortable for you so that they are never left alone to cry. Touch and eye contact are welcomed. 

You might be thinking – well that sounds great. But, how does connecting with my child ultimately get my family more sleep? 

I’ve always said our children will sleep the best when we as parents make sleep decisions that we are calm and confident about.

Sleep from the Heart is not a one stop shop, follow these directions and you will have a sleeping baby, type of program. It is a – here are 5 different ways you might approach making sleep changes with your kiddo – choose your own adventure, hold on for the ride, and see the progress start to unfold, kind of program. Built on five years of experience, thousands of families serviced, and knowledge and experience that will guide you to more sleep. 

I truly want you to love it. 

I truly hope you find it if you are looking for attachment-focused sleep support. 

I hope you will tell your friends who are looking for a gentler approach to sleep training. 

And I hope it serves you well. 

Some people might be asking… can we still work with you 1:1? What about with our toddler, or preschooler, or newborn infant? For families I have worked with previously, you may have hoped to reconnect for your second, third or fourth little bubba. 

Sleep from the Heart has 3 different support options, two of which includes calls, and one package that includes email and phone support. I will facilitate those calls and emails personally until the demand is larger than I can manage on my own. 

If your child is outside the 6 – 18 month range, I absolutely would welcome your inqu